Post Construction Cleaning Services

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Looking for reliable post-construction cleanup services in the Atlanta area? You’re in luck! Our experienced professionals handle every aspect of the job, leaving you with a clean and safe space. Whether it be residential construction or commercial, our team is equipped to ensure thorough cleaning. Atlanta Clean Tech - We are your top builder cleaners. We offer complete post-construction cleaning, disinfection, punch-out, and pressure washing services  direct to new home builders and construction managers. Learn more about our services then request a free pricing quote or partner with us to create a custom cleaning solution to meet your needs. Post Construction Cleaning Service Offered


Final Cleans

Once the house is completed, we remove the protective cardboard and clean the entire house. Touch up the inside windows. Re-clean the bathrooms and kitchen. Clean all surfaces including the top of outlets, fans and fixtures, then we clean the floor last.

Re-Clean/First Touch Up

Following the final cleaning, when additional work has been done inside the home, we clean the house again just like the final clean.

Homeowner Walk Clean/ Model/ Spec

When no additional work has been done, and only light traffic has been in the house we clean everything again like it’s the final clean.

Post Drywall Sweep

The entire house is swept following the drywall installation.


Schedule any time during your project and we will sweep and trash out the house but it needs to be done as soon as the interior is painted. This will prevent excessive dust spreading throughout the house and will give your trades a more professional and safe job site.


We carefully clean the windows glass without scratching and our preferred window cleaner is Dirtex. Cleaning the windows include the window tracks, frames, sills, and sheetrock around the casings. Schedule as soon as the interior is painted with the sweep or the Rough. Please let us know if you have 4th floor windows that require a ladder over 32 feet.


The rough clean is where we clean the bathrooms and the kitchen. We clean the tubs, showers, cabinets inside and out, sinks, toilets, and on top of the protective coverings. This can be scheduled as soon as the water is on or 1 week after the 1st sweep was done. We have the ability to clean without water if you have a water delay.

Weekly and Specs and Models

Increase sales by displaying your quality and clean product. Have the piece of mind that we are on a routine schedule to clean up after sales traffic. We take out the trash and supply trash bags, clean the microwave, toilets, and clean the house like a touch up.

Additional Post Construction Cleaning Services


General Labor

We offer general labor services at competitive rates (Four hour minimum).

Gutter Cleaning

We clean all the gutters with a ladder up to 32 feet. Extra fees apply to use a larger ladder beyond 32 feet.
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Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning services for driveways, pool decks, walking paths and other places. Professional pressure washing in Atlanta GA

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Residential and commercial carpet cleaning services for Metro Atlanta and near by cities. Affordable, fast, reliable, and top quality

Punch Out Services

We offer skilled punch out technicians to complete big or small projects. (Four hour minimum).
clean modern bathroom

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning services for condos, houses, businesses in Atlanta GA and surrounding cities.

Scheduling Cleans

Please schedule all cleans by 2pm the day before. 

We show up Guarantee. If you schedule with 24 notice and your house is ready with no one working in the house and we don’t show up we will pay you $100. Please schedule by sending us an email to [email protected]

Please provide the service address or neighborhood with a lot number, square footage, special details and any access directions like a gate code. We will confirm that you are on schedule or if we need any more information. Please let us know if you need to adjust the schedule with 24 hours to avoid a trip charge.
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Please schedule your job through our website or schedule by email at [email protected]

Builder Clean-Up Services in Atlanta GA

Builder clean-up services which, also known as post-construction cleaning services, are professional cleaning services which we offer designed to remove debris, dust, and other construction-related materials from a newly constructed or renovated buildings, homes and other places. Our services are essential to ensure that the premises are safe, clean, and ready for occupancy or further use.

Here are some key aspects of our builder clean-up services:

    1. Scope of Work:
      • Debris Removal: This includes the removal of construction materials such as wood scraps, drywall pieces, nails, and other debris.
      • Dust and Dirt Removal: Construction sites often generate a significant amount of dust. Our clean-up services involve thorough cleaning of surfaces to eliminate dust and dirt.
      • Surface Cleaning: Walls, floors, windows, and other surfaces are cleaned to remove any stains, paint splatters, or other marks left behind during construction.
      • Fixture Cleaning: Cleaning of fixtures, such as light fixtures, switches, outlets, and other installed items.
    1. Safety Compliance:
      • Atlanta Clean Tech Builders clean-up services always adhere to safety regulations to ensure the well-being of the cleaning crew and anyone entering the premises.
      • Proper disposal of construction waste in compliance with local regulations is a crucial aspect of our services.
    1. Specialized Equipment:
      • Atlanta Clean Tech clean up crews always use specialized equipment and tools such as industrial vacuums, pressure washers, and cleaning solutions tailored for post-construction cleaning.
    1. Timing:
      • Builder clean-up services are typically scheduled after the construction or renovation work is completed. The timing may vary depending on the scope of your project.
    1. Customization:
      • Services can be customized based on the specific needs of your construction project. For example, a larger construction project may require more extensive cleaning compared to a smaller renovation.
    1. Commercial and Residential Services:
      • Builder clean-up services cater to both commercial and residential properties. This includes cleaning up after the construction of new homes, commercial buildings, renovations, or remodeling projects.
    1. Benefits:
      • Provides a safe and clean environment for occupants.
      • Enhances the overall appearance of the space.
      • Helps to identify any construction defects or issues that may need attention before the final handover.
  1. Cost:
    • The cost of builder clean-up services can vary based on the size and complexity of your project. It’s usually a one-time expense associated with preparing the space for occupancy or use. Contact Atlanta Clean Tech today for a free Estimate. Our teams are top-notch and best equipped.

Order of Cleaning Service

1. Rough and Windows

When to Schedule: Following punch-out

After the punch-out is completed to address inspection and customer concerns, we clean the house again just like the final clean.

2. Final Clean

When to Schedule: House is completed, schedule the Final Clean 1 day before the final inspection (CO).

We remove the protective cardboard from the floor and clean the entire house.  Touch up the inside windows. Re-clean the bathrooms and kitchen.  Clean all surfaces including the top of outlets, fans and fixtures, then we clean the floor last.  

3. Re-Clean/First Touch Up

When to Schedule: Following punch-out.

After the punch-out is completed to address inspection and customer concerns, we clean the house again just like the final clean.

4. Homeowner Walk Clean

When to Schedule: Before Closing

We remove the last 25% of settled construction dust and clean the whole house just like final clean.

Avoiding Extra Charges

Our mission is to have your house completely cleaned and ready on time for you to have the most professional showings.  Please see the list below of all the small things that are usually assumed in our industry, but through experience, I’ve found out people don’t mind negatives they just hate surprises. 
Please help us avoid any of these unexpected extra costs. 

  • No Water

    Houses that don’t have water are usually dirtier.  Most of the cost is the transportation of water.
    Starting at $75

  • No Power

    Houses that don’t have power are usually dirtier, vacuums and other powered cleaning equipment can’t be used, and it’s hard to clean in the dark.
    Starting at $75 

  • Trash Out

    It’s in all subcontractor's scope to clean up after themselves w/broom sweep of their work area when their work is complete. Houses that require more than 1 bag of trash to be removed in order to begin the clean, we will have to charge and extra fee. We recommend back charging the original trade that did not clean up after their work.
    Starting at $50 

  • Excessive Paint

    Sometimes painters get a little excessive on the amount of paint and overspray or fail to use drop clothes.
    Starting at $50.

  • Trip Charge

    We have to have access and the job, and it has to be ready with no one else in the house.  We charge extra to clean with painters in the house at the same time. 
    Starting at $75

  • Move Materials

    If there are more than a couple buckets of paint or trim, we have to charge.
    Starting At $50.

  • Extra Pressure Wash

    Includes excessive paint, mud or any other messes on the garage floor that requires extra muriatic acid and or other chemicals. Also, excessive dirt from deliveries and the landscapers that require a shovel will cost extra. 
    Starting at $50. 

  • Extra High Windows

    Windows that require a ladder bigger than 32 feet are required to have a bigger crew to move the ladder safety.  
    Starting at $150 

  • Wood Windows

    Wood windows require more time, patience, and skill to avoid damage while cleaning. 
    Starting at $15 per window. 

  • Premature Protective Cardboard Removal

    If the cardboard is removed from the hardwood floors when the rough is scheduled.  We will do a Rough and a Final during the same visit.  You want to keep the protective covering on the floors until the trades have completed with their work.  Most damage caused to hardwoods is because of people walking on dirty floors.  It’s very expensive to replace or restore floors and we will not work on floors that we think will need to be replaced.
    Starting at $50

How We Work

Estimated Time of Arrivals/ Tracking

We use mobile field dispatching to give us real time information on the status and location of our teams. Our dispatching system automatically sends you confirmations the day before the clean to confirm. Please email us at [email protected] if you need your clean rescheduled.

Survey Completion Email 

After the job is complete we will send you a message that we have finished our work and it’s ready to be inspected and confirmed that our work is completed. We prefer our work to be inspected before anyone works in the house. If we missed something you will be able to upload photos and notes on what needs to be completed. This will give us all the info we need to address the concern immediately.

Weekly Invoicing

We send out invoices weekly but you can always see your work history and pay through our client portal app.


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