Frequently Asked Questions

We will come back the same day for free to clean any missed item.  Sometimes we do miss something or a cleaning service needs to be added.  We will take care of any issue within 24 hours and before anyone else works in the house.  Reply to the survey we send you by SMS text.  The survey will be sent as soon as the cleaner marks that the job complete on our mobile app.  The 3 options to the survey are to approve the clean, attach pictures and notes, or schedule a walk through with one of our quality managers.

Yes, for protection of the floors and to prevent extra floor cleaning cost. It’s best to leave the cardboard on until the Final clean. We will remove it and place all cardboard in the designated trash bin.  If the Rough is scheduled but the protective flooring is removed we will complete the Rough and the Final at the same time to prevent hardwood floor damage.

Normally, these are separate cleans. It is possible to complete the Rough and Final cleans the same day if you have a tight schedule. However, we do not offer any additional discount for combined cleans. Industry standards recommend to separate the Rough and Final cleans. And the greater amount of cleaning visits will have a better finished product.  If the Rough is scheduled but the protective flooring is removed we will complete the Rough and the Final at the same time to prevent hardwood floor damage.

No, we do not offer discounts for cleaning behind other cleaning companies. We don’t work with other cleaners or separate Roughs and Finals with other cleaning companies.  It takes longer to clean up after bad cleaners than if we cleaning it from the beginning.

Yes, your service will be rescheduled if no power or water is available on site. We require a trip charge if the site doesn’t have water and/or power when the cleaner arrives for the scheduled for service. Trip charges are $75.  We can clean without power and water if scheduled in advance for an extra labor charge.

No, all trades must throw away their trash in your designated trash bin and broom sweep their work area. We charge for trash outs if we have to remove more than 1 bag of trash or before we start our cleaning and we recommend passing that cost to the responsible trade.

Email [email protected] asap! We will not charge a trip charge if enough notice is given.  Schedule request have to be emailed by 2pm the day prior. More notice is preferred.

Yes, garages have to be emptied before we pressure wash them. Anything staying with the homeowners can be moved in and out of the garage for free. Usually, only a few pieces of trim, splash blocks, and paint should be in the garage area.

Yes, we require sod to be installed to clean high windows for ladder stability. Our pressure washers clean the high windows during the pressure wash. We have to have sod to pressure wash garages, walkways, patios, and driveways or mud will drain into the street.

We invoice and we pay our cleaners weekly.  We expect the same for payment.  We will send letters to the service address if we don’t get prompt payments or lack of communication.  Then file a construction lien on the 45th day.  We do accept Credit Cards.

Our pressure washers are in the vans that have the extension ladders and it’s not safe to clean them until the sod is laid also mud will pour into the street if we pressure wash before the sod is down.

Bona is our standard unless something else is requested.  Bona will not void any warranties for the hardwoods.

Yes.  We have hardwood floor scrubbing machines and other techniques that work.

Our standard is 1.  If the windows get painted or dirty from weather you will have to schedule an additional window reclean.

Yes.  We have insurance that covers all of our production builders.

Yes. Please contact us for more details.

Yes.  We are currently using supply pro, builder trend, CSMe, and others.  Please update the portal by 2pm daily or we will charge a trip charge if we are not notified before we send out the schedule.

We can but it’s not included with standard pressure wash.  We charge extras if we need to use a bucket to shovel mud, 3 car garage, corner lots, and extra-long driveways.  If we get a lot of rain while you don’t have sod its best to schedule a pressure wash before the mud stains the curbs, runs into the storm drain, or tracks mud from the street to the driveway, garage, and into the house.

Call us ASAP, we may already have a crew in your area.

Mon-Friday 7AM-4PM

Scheduling online is easy just visit our services page to complete the online reservation. 

Yes! Clean Lots LLC.  is growing and seeking new talented individuals to join our team. Please visit our careers page to apply our main office at 770-425-4200 for more information.